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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Personal Rig

Through out the next few months, I will be posting personal guitar rigs of several friends of mine, all of whom work as professional musicians. Some of us are studio musicians, some live backup musicians, and some , like myself , both. There are many different applications which require different set-ups. The first I would like to discuss would be the performing solo musician. The beginner can use a basic set up of guitar, amp, and microphone, provided the amp has 2 seperate channels. Those of us who make our living with this equipment tend to get pretty involved. The Following list is my personal rig for doing Live Solo performances with Acoustic Guitar.

Shure Beta 58 Microphones
Assorted High Quality Patch Cables
Tripod Boom Microphone Stands
Guitar Stands
2 Light trees w/4 Par38 Light Cans Each

My Rig:
SKB 16 space rack
Furman Power Conditioner
Mackie 1202VZL 12 channel mixing board
Alesis MidiVerb4 Effects Unit
2 QSC 1360 P0weramps
4 Peavey SP2G Speakers
2 JBL EonB Powered Speakers (Monitors)
Peavey 220lb rated Speakers Stands
Rack table

This Rig will play most medium to small venues. All equipment will tear down small enough to fit into most SUV's and small pickup trucks.
Michael H. McCullough


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