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Friday, May 06, 2005


The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful! I'm loving the weather here now. This is the busy time of the year for those of us who play Solo Performances. The decks and outdoor venues open up and the music begins! I am currently booked 5-7 nights a week. I love this job! I haven't had much time to post , but I will be paying more attention to this site in the future. I went out Saturday night to hear some of the local bands play. I hate to say this, but from every possible point of view, they all sucked. Listen, if you begin this occupation, please remember that what you do and how you play will impact other musicians in your area. If you undercut other musicians and play for $25.00 and draft beer, then what you're really saying is that your talent holds no value even to you! ALWAYS charge what the current market will bear. Ask for more than you think you can get and settle for a goodly sum. I personally will not carry my guitar for less than $250.00 a night. I often get $500.00 a night. While you may be new to the market and cannot command these fees, NEVER play for free. Often times musicians will play for the exposure. You can die from too much exposure!. Value your trade and help keep the brotherhood of fellow musicians able to make a living!
Michael McCullough


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